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Current 3 Favorite Makeup Products

Alright, I have a crazy amount of makeup…if it wasn’t my job, you’d probably be embarrassed to know me.   But luckily, it is my job, so keep calm 😜 ! lol.  I must admit, even though I own a lot of cosmetics–from my own past purchases, to receiving products from sponsors–there’s honestly some items I just tend to cling to.  I’m working on digging through the crates and trying out new things I have.  Also, maybe even going out there into that dangerous territory called Sephora, and seeing what’s trending (hopefully leaving out with enough coins to make it back home, lol).  Anyway, I thought I’d share some things I absolutely love, and always have on hand for jobs!  I know some of you are pro artists as well, so maybe this will give you some ideas of things to try!  Hope you enjoy;-)

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1. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers: Shade #2

Giorgio Armani Sheers are notorious for giving an insane glow to the skin.  I was foolishly late to the party, because I thought they were too hyped up and overrated (like a lot of cult favs in the beauty industry lol).  However, this product is actually worth all the noise.  It’s sssoooo sheer!  I can’t even think of an affordable duplicate–if I could, I’d have bought it already, and told everyone about it lol!  But this highlighter is totally worth it guys, it retails for around $60–ouch!  I can confirm though, that a bottle of this stuff will last you quite some time.  You simply won’t need to LOAD it onto your face to see the effects–thus, saving you a ton of product for days to come:-)

giorgio armani fluid sheer giorgio armani fluid sheer 2

This is the most universal shade I’ve seen, #2, for you gals who can only invest in 1 bottle.

Tip:  If you go to Sephora, upon request, they will give you a hefty sample of any shade if you want to play around!

2.  Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream: Shade 15

I have been a long time fan of the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette; most of my professional makeup career to be exact.  For this reason, I never really payed attention to the Aqua Cream waterproof cream colors.  I had a job recently where I needed some waterproof products, and I waltzed into the Make Up For Ever store in Manhattan (love that place by the way), and came across these puppies.  I got a few shades, used them on the job, and fell in love with the texture & staying power.  Most ‘waterproof’ products are extremely hard to blend, due to the ingredients in them that make them waterproof.  But these cremes were amazing!  They were super vibrant (Make Up For Ever is known for their color intensity),  creamy, and actually stayed put!  I’m definitely going back to snag a few more.

make up for ever aqua color

make up for ever aqua cream colors trio

The shade I think most people would be able to use is #15, a beautiful metallic mauve!

face of the day

3.  MAQ PRO Fard Creme: Orange correctors 

maq pro fard creme

Ok, so, this isn’t a new product in my pro kit!  I’ve actually been using this since my assistant days 🙈 🙂  For those who don’t know, I was the former 1st assistant to legendary makeup artist, Kabuki!  I learned so much during those years, and this little baby was something he introduced me to, the Maq Pro Fard Creme.  This is a Parisian brand of makeup that’s very popular among seasoned artists, and this palette is its star player!  It’s so incredible for under eye circles, as it’s wax based–which makes it sssooo easy to blend.  It literally melts into your skin!  However, it does require some getting used to.  What I love about the palette, is the range of oranges in it.  There’s a light peach, a mid peach, and a true orange.  When there’s darkness present under your eyes, you can apply an orange corrector to cancel out the darkness PRE concealer, or use it alone–no concealer!  It gives a beautiful, natural, evenness under the eye, making you look fresh and wide-eyed.  I love it for male clients, where I want a polished face, but not an overly done makeup look!

orange concealer undereye

The Fard Cremes are a bit hard to find I’ve heard, but there are at least 2 places I’m certain you can find it: ALCONE and TILT.  Lastly, if you’re one of those people who need to touch/feel/swatch/play with your makeup before you purchase (I totally get it! lol), there’s a few other options of peach correctors that I enjoy using as well:

maq fard creme orange concealer under eye

These are just some products I’m loving lately from my pro kit!  If you’re a makeup artist, and going kit shopping soon, give these a go, and tell me what you think!  Leave me a comment below or share this post with your makeup addict friends, if you enjoyed it!

fotd 3 products kit tour

Well, that concludes my little ‘kit tour’ guys!  What products are you going to try out? Leave me a comment below of your favorite makeup product right now!

Until next time, bye lovaas💋



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