I strongly believe that one of the most joyous things for a believer to do is encourage others. As a follower of Jesus Christ, hands down, some of my favorite moments have been times of transparency to motivate someone else.

Faith + Fitness: The Perfect Combination

When I began my fitness journey, over 4 years ago, as I’ve written about HERE, it was not just to shed the EL-BEES, lol; but it was for the solidification of my mental health as well. I’d had a long time personal battle with anxiety & depression, spewed from a whirlwind of crazy life events. And fitness, well, just…happened, lol. I started receiving heavy conviction about laziness from God, and was positive I felt him leading my butt to the gym! It was my faith in God, that’s right–faith in God–that was my inspiration to lift heavy and get stronger. Thereby coining the title of this post: faith & fitness.  How does this make sense? Glad you asked! lol 😜

How Fit is the Body, Without the Spirit?

I know it sounds weird to imagine the connection between faith and fitness, but I promise you, it exists.

When I was battling things internally:

  • drop in self esteem,
  • anxiety about my future, being a starving artist,
  • aka broke in purpose (and my pockets! lol)

gaining a load of weight seemed to magnify each of these problems.

Meanwhile, I was engaging in a quiet war spiritually, that left me drained mentally & physically. But as each month passed all those years ago, I grew closer and closer to God. I was truly changed from the inside out, and I began to allow His word to strengthen me.

The confidence I got from the security of knowing that Jesus loved me, died for me, and never left me, encouraged me tremendously.

Nonetheless, my spirit had begun getting stronger and stronger by God’s grace! And 1 thing, any psychologist will tell you:

before anything is accomplished externally, there must be some revisions internally.  The body does what the MIND says, though it appears to be the other way around.

Fighting the Good Fight

With each rep, plate, or set I added, I envisioned myself fighting.  I was fighting against depression, pounding out the lies of the enemy, and just being an all around kick butt warrior for Christ! lol (i’m such a cheese ball!).

Strangely enough, my preservation by Jesus, somehow manifested itself tangibly.  In the form of a beautiful fitness journey. I’m so blessed to STILL be traveling upon said journey, and who knows where it will take me! Fitness has kept me sane; it’s been my constant in a world of uncertainties; in a lot of ways, it’s saved my life:-)


Therapy You Can Rely On

In conclusion, for anyone who’s ever asked me why I train so hard, why I’m always in the gym–this is why.

Lifting is my therapy, it’s where I fight back! I’m conquering all the things that make me feel weak or unsure about how blessed I am in Christ. I’m thankful I get to do what I love everyday, with the added benefit of it drawing me closer to God 💜

If you or anyone you know is feeling down from the calamities of life, unfortunate circumstances, or just want to be a more empowered person, share this post with them! As I hope it blesses them……and you too:-)

Until next time,
Bye lovaas 💋