Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images
Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images


I love watching the spring shows for 1 reason only: the fall makeup trends, lol! I mean the fashion and stuff is cool too, but the makeup tho?! As you know, everything in the fashion world is displayed 1 season earlier–so fall stuff is shown in the spring, and spring stuff shown in the fall!  I decided not to work backstage this year, but rather to blog on the shows I loved!  In this post, we’ll briefly go over the fall makeup trends for this fall 2016 and winter 2017, and I recreated my favs! Hope you enjoy and try them out soon:-)

1. Peach Washed Lids.


The peach washed lid is a bit of a classic look, always revived by designers when they want a fresh and monochromatic look!

The look is so simple, that it allows your fashion look for the day to shine bright. So diverse, you can pair it with any color palette or print/pattern.  Yet, so natural looking, anyone of any skin tone can pull it off!




2. Berry Stained Lips.


shows_berry-lipsBerry stained lips are always on trend for fall, every year, and for good reason.  Nothing screams fall/winter like a bold, vampy, dark, lip.  You can play around with shades of berry–such as a light plum, ruddy oxblood, or deep currant.  Rodarte killed this look for their FW 16/17 show!




3. Artsy Liner.


The artsy liner has been popping up every other fall season for a few years now, and I’m here for it!  How cool, to rock a bare or fresh faced look and graphic line to stand out, but still be subtle.  My favorites for this look were the Giamba, Kenzo, and Oscar de la Renta fall ’16 shows!




4. Smokey Eye.


Smokey eyes are beautiful to gaze upon, in the thick of winter.  Even though I promote natural beauty looks, I’m still an artist, lol–And I luh me a smokey eye.  There are actually many ways to pull of a smokey eye naturally, I’ll definitely do a post soon on that!  But anyway, there were some gorgeous smokey eyes on the runway for FW 16/17.  My favorite designers to nail the smokey eye look were, Saint Laurent, and Emanuel Ungaro.




5. The Silver Touch.


It was quite interesting to observe the silver metallic look on trend for this fall.  Simply because for the past few seasons, it’s been all about a GOLD metallic touch. But I’m definitely into it, because silver has a beautiful way of giving a youthful sparkle to the face.  The Stella McCartney and Giuletta shows displayed the silver touch look quite well:-)




6. Glossy Detail.


I looovveee a glossy look!  I mean, seriously, what’s doper than a wet, glossy eye, mascara, and a fully groomed brow, on a cool autumn night? Not much my friend! lol.  The simplicity of the look, goes with any wardrobe option, plus the play on textures lets the look shine bright as well.




7. Blue Shadow.


Blue shadow is usually reserved for many spring/summer shows, however, it popped up on the stages of great designers like: Jill Stuart, Thom Browne, and Olympia Le-Tan.  I loved how blended out and subtle the blue appeared, no harsh lines, or dramatic shapes.

And not to mention, just plain fun, lol!




Fall Makeup Trends Recap

These are the top trending looks right now for the fall 2016/winter 2017 fashion season!

The peach lid, blue shadow, artsy liner, silver touch, smokey eye, glossy detail, and of course the berry lip!  

I had so much fun recreating them, and be sure to tag me on Insta: @alexis.loves or hashtag #alexisloves , if you try any of the looks, I’d love to see your version:-)

Leave me a comment below if you’d like to know which product I used for a certain makeup look!

Thanks so much for keeping up with me here, and until next time, bye lovaas💋


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