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Blogging is the closest version of “writing” for me, as I really enjoy literary works of all kinds, so Alexis Loves is my small contribution to the big ole’ world of journalism.  But I don’t just like my own blog, I loveeee visiting other blogs, and have been an avid blog stalker since 2010.  If you’re here (thanks for stopping by, btw), you like reading blogs too!  Every month or so, I’ll do a few days of scouring the web for new blog finds–new writers making waves online with their ideas & images. These are my favorite bloggers at the moment. Their sites have been added to my bookmarks, and you should definitely check them out!

Current favorite bloggers:

The Sunday Chapter.

angela sunday chapter angela sunday chapter


  • This girl just gets it!  The organization of the blog is beautiful, clean, and engaging.  I love the content as well, she talk about travel, style, and beauty.  I love her laid back tone in her writing, yet, it’s still speaks of experience and tastefulness.  Check Angela out, when you’re cruising the blogs:-)

Karolyne Roberts.

karolyne roberts karolyne roberts


  • Karolyne’s blog is so refreshing!  As a fellow believer in Christ, she speaks the TRUTH, on issues like being a new mom, homosexuality, budgeting, and so much more!  If you’re a woman seeking to focus on God and being pure in your heart & thought life, you’d love Karolyne’s blog!

Chloe Helen Miles.

https://chloehelenmiles.com/ screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-11-44-37-am


  • Chloe is a UK based fashion & fitness blogger, and she kiiillsss the gram! That’s where I found her:-) Chloe is so chic, I mean, her look is just all there, from the blunt bangs, to the fleeky brows–can you tell I’m into her look? lol.  And she works out, and ya’ll know I’m a fit geek!  Get into Chloe’s blog, you’ll definitely enjoy it:-)

Bible Thinking Woman.

bible thinking woman bible thinking woman


  • The Bible thinking woman is a beautiful blog for women with a true heart for Jesus 💜.  Kesha, the  woman behind the site, gets REAL about the issues we face pursuing biblical womanhood and being closer to Christ.  Her words are convicting, challenging, and sure to make you take a double take on the things you’ve been doing, the ways you’ve been thinking–and they’re all aligned with how GOD says to act & think.  If you’re growing in your walk, or even just curious about starting a walk with Jesus, please bookmark this blog.

Juley Le.

upperlyne & co. upperlyne & co.


  • Juley, over at Upperlyn & Co, is a blogger based in New Orleans, my old stomping grounds!  So  initially this caught my attention, because there aren’t many bloggers in that area at all.  She talks about stylish living and gives awesome business tips for those starting out in business ventures.  Juley also posts delicious looking recipes, interior design tips, and inspiring life tips for all our hacks at living. Upperlyne & Co. is a great blog if you want to inspired by chic style & interior design, with a great dose of New Orleans flare!

I hope you’ll check out these blogs I’ve been obsessed with this month!  Let me know if you do, would love to hear your thoughts:-)

Until next time, bye lovass! 💋


Hi, I'm Alexis 💁🏾, I've been rich since 86, when I was fearfully and wonderfully made. A free spirited fitness geek, and a professional makeup artist. I'm a born and raised southern girl, living in the big apple and traveling the world. An old soul, with a lotta love to give. Here, is where I express it💜 Follow along for my adventures in the worlds of beauty, fitness, and living a Christ centered life.

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