My Fitness Journey Part 2

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice some changes. One that is undeniable is how close I’ve grown to Christ and my passion to promote ‘brown girl beauty’ inside & out. Another is a bit less deep, lol, ya girl lost weight!
A lot of it. 50 lbs or so to be exact. I discussed HERE, how I shed the el bee’s, lol, and a little bit of why I did it.  I later promised you a part 2 of my fitness journey.

Well, here it is!

IMG_3693The Journey Unravels

I could easily make this post heavy laden with progress pics of me ( i kinda did lol), with little commentary on my journey, but I think telling you WHY I gained so much weight to begin with, is tad more powerful.  My answer is simple and possibly surprising: I was depressed.
I was skinny all of my teens (like lollipop skinny–little body, big head,lol!), got a little “thick” in college, but always looked nice. I graduated college, and entered a season of my life that I don’t discuss much, but one day I will:-) That season was full of disappointments, heartbreak, uncertainties, loneliness, and the dreaded, “So what are you gonna do with your life now?!” question that everyone loves to ask.  I didn’t have an answer, but knew I didn’t want to live a life of settling, so I searched. Most people equated that searching for failure, and it affected me.  While I sought out to find myself, I ate.  A LOT, lol.

A Weight Loss Story Through Images

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Living to Eat or Eating to Live?

Emotional eating is something that many aren’t even aware that they’re doing.  In my case, being so isolated, in a new environment, with hardly any friends, I didn’t have anyone, to say, “Hey girl, are you ok?!”

Oddly, the thing that many women tell me they admire about me–my confidence–was gone, I felt defeated.  I had NEVER been this size before, and honestly, didn’t know how to even BEGIN to lose the weight.
IMG_4638IMG_1087Let’s Rewind a Bit

Now, if you remember in Part 1 of my journey, I told you I felt that God wanted me to get in shape. Well, that was part of the revelation…but I had to seek and find Him first in order to even get this instruction. Through a series of some what miraculous events, life changing incidents, and a WHOLE lotta prayer, I found Him again. It was the happiest moment of my life, and from that day on, everything changed.

It’s a bit of a testimony, that I’ll share later, but this is about fitness, so let’s stay focused, kay? lol. Anyway,

God started restoring my self value, self image, and assured me that I DO have purpose in the earth, even if I don’t know what it is, and that He needs me healthy, and in shape to carry it out.

So, I did what I do best. What I grew up witnessing my mother and grandmother do all my life.  I GOT UP!

The only trainer I've ever had! My buddy Rich and I trained HARD for a full year, and then i ventured off to find my own way in the land of iron! (i'm so corny, I'm aware lol)
The only trainer I’ve ever had! My buddy Rich and I trained HARD for a full year!


Knowing Why You Do It

Everyone’s journey is different. And I’m well aware that some people just wanna look good in a bikini, or gain self confidence. Well, this post may not be for you, lol. In all honesty, and I’m not being conceited–trust me, but I’ve always been kinda cute.  I’ve always felt attractive and never had a problem getting attention. However, these things never defined me, so I never wanted to get fit to “look good”.

I wanted to get fit to feel STRONG after feeling WEAK for SO long.

Somehow, I’ve managed to channel that strength and funnel it into so many other areas of my life. I can relate to any of you who may be dealing with body issues, depression, or just plain ole unhappy with how you look.  I encourage you TODAY to get up and do something about it!

You don’t have to become obsessed like me, lol, or be the next Instagram fitness girl putting up a ‘build a booty’ program (you know what i’m talking about! lol).  Just do it for you.

Because you’re amazing, because you deserve to see the extent of your drive and willpower, because God’s put something phenomenal inside of you, that you need to be healthy, active, and present, to fully discover.

I pray you do, and I hope this post has blessed you:-)  If so, share it with a friend, and stay encouraged!


IMG_1424IMG_0279Pssst! *Leans in*.…. I’ll be sharing my ever unfolding fitness journey with you here, my YOUTUBE channel, and my INSTAGRAM, so be sure to subscribe!

Until next time, bye lovaas💋


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