Caring for Yourself from A-Z; How I’m Practicing Self Care In My 30’s 7 Things My 20’s Taught Me Faith Killers & How to Stay Strapped Modesty & Christian Women: Being Confident While Honoring Christ

Why is Self Care So Important Anyway?

There’s a lot of self care talk lately, and with good reason.  Self care is so important for sustained wellness.  Not just physical, but mental as well!   When you hear the term ‘self care’, I’m sure you think, as do I, of pedicures and body scrubs.  However, self care is also about your mental well being and the state of your spiritual health.

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7 Things My 20’s Taught Me

Wait You’re How Old?! This past Friday I turned 31.  Yes, I know, “I don’t look 31!”, lol.  Eh, I guess it’s a blessing to look youthful, so thank you in advance–it’s all in the genes, I promise you!  In fact, some of you may have read the…