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How to Have a Good Day: Be Intentional

Hey guys!

I hope all of you are having an awesome day!  I’m often complimented for my “peaceful spirit”.  The truth is, I’m just naturally unbothered by most things, lol.  I know what’s important in life, I’m careful about what/who I give my attention to, and I wake up with the INTENTION of having a good day.  Some days I fail, bad….and look around at the catastrophic events of the day like, ‘This can’t be liiiffeeee Lawd?!’, lol.

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But guess what?  I get up the next day, and try again!  We have so much power over our emotions and the things that are thrown at us each day.  Let’s commit to utilizing that power and centering our thoughts & actions in truth.  Beginning with something as simple as what we do every day!  How you start your morning, can set the tone for the next 10-16 hours of your life.  So get yo’ mind right!  I can help you:-)

5 Ways to Have a Good Day:

1. More tranquil alarm sound.

I know this may sound unimportant or even odd to list, but hear me out, mmkay?  I, like many of you, used to have that super loud, screeching, alarm clock tone set in my iPhone.  It would startle me out of my precious zzz’s with SO much alarm, I often had to have a few minutes to catch my breath before hopping out of bed, lol.  When we awaken from our sleep, we’re literally coming out of the most calm state our bodies can possibly be in, into a state of consciousness that will set the tone for the next 10-18 hours of our life. This needs to be a peaceful & smooth transition.  Set the tone for your day with a calm and soothing tone, however, one that’s still, you know, alarming, lol.  This was a game changer for me!  Give it a try for a week, and the whole mood you start your day with will be much more calm.  It’s like you’ll “ease” into your day, versus, being slapped into it 😂.

iphone alarm


I love this one! It's like a soothing, echoing, bell. Check it out if you have an iPhone 6!
I love this one! It’s like a soothing, echoing, bell. Check it out if you have an iPhone 6!

2.  Let your first thought be one of gratitude + the conscious DECISION that you will have a good day.

When I was #younglex , climbing into the bed with my mom, (yes, I slept with my mom for the looongeesstt, lol–dont’ judge me!) eeevvvery morning at the crack of dawn, I would hear a few feet from me a crackly, “thank you Jesus!”.

Fast forward many, many, years later.

As soon as I peel open my raggedy eyes, I thank my Savior for another day.  As cliche as it sounds, it is still a reality, that the breath of life left someone’s body throughout the night, and this day their eyes will never see.

When you wake up, think of something that you’re grateful for.  Whether it be your job, your children, your health, the fact that you’re about to inhale your favorite breakfast sammich–whatever! Just give thanks for something!  Everyone has something to show gratitude for, even if it’s just another day on this earth to figure it all out.

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3.  Engage in your “routine”.

My morning routine is simple.  I wake, pray, read my Bible & just seek God for the peace I’ll need to get through the day, eat breakfast, and then train.  Nothing elaborate.  But it’s mine:-) And I genuinely love the consistency of it.  It centers me.  It grounds me in both the truth of God, and the truth of who I am, before I head out to deal with aaaallll the components of the day.

Now, your routine doesn’t have to mirror mine.  It should be whatever makes you feel connected to yourself.  Whether that’s reading, journaling, listening to your favorite song, or firing up a motivational podcast/Youtube video.  Maybe even something as simple as eating your breakfast in the same spot every morning, and just reflecting.

bible and journal 1

This space though! I'm nothing without it:-)
This space though! I’m nothing without it:-)

4.  Take 10 minutes of silence to “walk through your day”.

I usually do this while eating my breakfast.  I sit by the window & look out, doing a mental spreadsheet of my day.  Granted, I have a planner, I like to think about my goals for the day beforehand.  Usually, whatever pops into your head before you look at your pre-written plans, is what you truly care about taking care of for the day.

So, try going through your steps: visualize yourself getting dressed/walking out the door/getting on the train or in the car/walking into class or work, etc.  This seemingly minor act, I’ve found to be quite helpful in feeling more in control of my day.  It won’t always go as you ‘saw’ it, but it’s better to have some idea of how your day will pan out, ya feel me?

oatmeal + coffee by window
Gotta love that overcrowded Brooklyn view! lol I love a window though, a little piece of zen in this #concretejungle

drinking coffee on bed

5.  Some type of physical activity.

My favorite part of the day!  Lolligagging at the gymnasium with all my strong strong fraannnds! *Meg Squats voice* lol, (if you don’t know her, you should, click HERE).  If you follow me..well, anywhere, lol, you know I’m all about the fitness.  Working out has changed my life. I go in detail HERE.

But just trust me, moving your body first thing in the AM has several benefits!

  • metabolic rate boost
  • more focus for the day
  • improved mood (them endorphins tho?!😛)
  • the rest of your day will seem like a breeze (bruhh…i just deadlifted 2fiddy, this is nothing😎)

Notice I said physical activity.  So, if slinging iron isn’t your thing–just get to moving.  Do dynamic stretching, jump rope, go for a jog, or just dance around the house to your jam of the week, just get that heart rate up!

When you wanna lift all the weights cuz that's bae:-) lol
When you wanna lift all the weights cuz that’s bae:-) lol

Good Days = Great Weeks

Ok loves, dassit! These are things I practice on my daily, and can attest to being major keys (Khaled voice) for me having a positive outlook 24/7/365.  However, I must confess.  I can’t bottle this up and sell it as the vaccine for horrible/terrible/no good/very bad days (cool points if you remember this lol😏).  How dope would that be though?! 🤔.

Life is unpredictable, and we have to roll with the tides.  BUT, I can assure you a much more peaceful, focused, positive approach to riding out those tides, with practices like the ones outlined above.  CHOOSE to have a great day, choose to be patient with others & the things that drive you crazy, lol, and choose to encourage others to have a better day as well💜  Before you know it, better days will turn into better weeks, and better weeks, equal a year of intentional living.

Until next time, bye lovaas!💋


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