Let’s Talk Fitness Motivation

Hello my lovelies!  Today we’re gonna discuss fitness goals:-)  It’s a brand new year, and let’s just take a moment to thank God that we made it!!! *insert head bow and high pitched thank you JESUS! *

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One of the most popular, if not THE most popular New Year resolutions is: to lose weight or get in shape.  I’m all for having such a wonderful goal in the new year, there’s no better time to tackle something than the present:-) And guess what, I’m totally rooting for you:-)  You can do amazing things when you REALLY push yourself and try harder each day than you did the day before.  I’ve lost over 50 lbs throughout my journey, completely fell in love with training, and even began prep for a bodybuilding competition (crazy,  I know, lol)–so who knows where your fitness journey may lead you.  If you want to get some background info on mine, hit HERE 🙂

But I want to bring your attention to a few things before you write those fit goals down or make that vision board.  Before you let the overflowing inspirational posts drown you out, and make you aim for things before you truly think them through.  So I’ve put tother a quick list of things you must consider before you embark on your beautiful fitness journey! Here goes:

How’s Your Schedule?

Take into consideration your day to day schedule.  When are you busiest? Are you a morning person or evening? Figure out what time of day works best for

a) Your work/life schedule

b) Your body’s natural rhythm

I know how dope it sounds to humble brag about that daily 5am circuit training you’re about to kill as your New Year’s resolution.  But don’t set this ambitious goal if you know most mornings you look an extra from the walking dead–just. don’t. do. it.

Some people are not morning people, and that’s okay, no, really–it is!  I know most productivity mags and lifestyle articles will have you thinking you’ll never make anything of yourself until you start getting up at 3:30AM, followed by your morning jog, wheatgrass shot, and deep meditation.  While all that’s good–really good stuff, can I be honest?  I’m tired of this 1 size fits all approach to success and intentional living.  Everyone is different,  and trust me when I say it’s better to work with your natural rhythm on SOME things than try to completely drive against it.

I personally LOVE waking up early–it’s not a struggle at all, because I look forward to the stillness of early AMs.  But if you work late evenings, have children to tend to in the mornings,  or just cannot be bothered with that early morning life–then schedule your workouts for later in the day. You’ll stick to it in the long run and be more consistent on a schedule that you don’t dread keeping up!

Peep Those Genes Tho.

Genetics play a hoooge role in so much of our body composition.  I’m not going to drive this point too heavily, because I don’t feel genetics should be a crutch or a stumbling block, because the human body is so incredible, anything is possible.  But there is something to be said about being realistic about what your ideal body or #goals body looks like.  Take a look at those closest to you (immediate family).  If you see a common trend of wide or narrow hips, super long legs, broad shoulders–and you’ve identified these things on yourself as well–go ahead and stop fighting against this.  It makes no sense to envision a “perfect” body in your mind that doesn’t include these traits you’ve seen floating up and down your family tree!  Just go with it, and find unique ways to train to fully bring out those features for the better.

My mama bear! Aint she perrty?! I got these cheeks + hips from her, and there’s nothing I can do about it! lol

Be Real About Your Budget.

Getting in shape can be expensive.  We all know how much more expensive healthy groceries can be compared to junk food.  Plus throw in that trainer you’ve decided to hire AND new gym membership–because well, it’s your New Year’s resolution,  you gotta go all out!

Wrong.  Don’t ball out until you’ve seriously considered your finances for this new commitment.  I think one thing so many people don’t realize is that getting fit is as much as a financial commitment as it is physical.  Meal prep, healthy groceries & supplements, training fees, gym memberships, gear/accessories, it can all add up.

So make sure you’re ready to commit both with your body AND wallet before you make those specific fitness goals.  Maybe you can swing a gym membership,  but not a trainer yet–well start there and get the trainer later.  Or perhaps you can only get frozen veggies and fruit right now, because fresh ones are a bit more–then get what you can.  Take it one step at a time until you can handle more!

However, I must add that you can totally get a good workout at home, or outside.  I filmed myself and a buddy doing a HIIT session at our local park in Brooklyn, and we were ddeeddd afterward, lol. Watch it HERE.

Acknowledge Previous Downfalls.

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get fit, I’m willing to bet this isn’t your 1st time doing so.  You may or may not make one every year,  only to fall back into your old patterns (hey, I’ve been there, back, and then went there again lol).

Well, the good new is, it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, all that matters is the present and what you’re going to make of the future.  This is both true AND false.

Yep, I’m doing it!
(it was amazing by the way)
Location: Perry’s Cafe; San Diego, CA

The past DOES matter.  To an extent:-) Take a moment to think about those temptations, those unpredictable circumstances, those emotional triggers that caused you to overeat, to miss a week’s worth of training, or even worse to quit trying all together.  Identify what those things were.  Write them down.  Make a mental agreement with yourself that these things will NOT break you this time around.  That you will see them coming a mile away and be prepared to fight back!

Old habits die hard, but if you’ve got the right ammo, you can take them down in no time!


Reality Check.

When I first got into fitness, almost 5 years ago, if nothing else, I always knew who I was doing it for.  It was always for me.  For me to feel confident again.  For me to feel strong after feeling weak for SO long.  I wanted to chase down those amazing endorphins released when I hit a new goal, added 10 more lbs to the bar, or made it through grueling HIIT circuit.

You get fit for yourself.  Not to get young bae, not to “stunt on these chicks”, not even to look good–solely.  You get fit because you want to be healthy.  You want to take care of the only body you’re gonna get on this Earth.  So go out there and set those fit goals boo!

But take these key points with you:-)

Until next time, bye lovaas💋


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