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7 Instagram Creatives That Bless My Feed Daily

Hey loves!

So, Instagram is my by far my favorite social media platform! It’s quick, easy, and a great source of visual inspiration.  I love following so many different kinds of accounts, but my favorite types of pages are: home decor, beauty bloggers, fitness, and Christian lifestyles.  But my favorite accounts out of those, has to be the blogger accounts! I love the young, fresh innovators in the world of lifestyle blogging.  In this post I’m going to share with you 7 Instagram creatives that kill it!

Some of these content creators are ssssooo dope with the curation of their page & brand in general.  I switch between the pages I stalk, I mean, keep up with, lol!

My favorite Instagram Pages Right Now


Adrienne Raquel

This girl just gets it!  A Southern belle, like myself, (heeeeyyy ya’ll, lol!) Adrienne’s style is eclectic, subtle, and a beautiful curation of pink tones.  Her vibe is artistic with a hint of 70s funkiness! Check it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did:-)

Adrienne Raquel Adrienne Raquel Adrienne Raquel

Paula of Thirteen Thoughts

Paula runs an AMAZING blog, called Thirteen Thoughts, that I recently started following.  I cannot stop visiting this girl’s page, like…everyday, lol.  She gives a wealth of information on photography, blogging as a business, and enhancing your lifestyle.  Paula’s beauty pictures are gorgeous, and she takes some of the best product shots you’ll see in the blogging sphere. Hit her page for inspiration overload.

Thirteen Thoughts Blog Thirteen Thoughts Blog Thirteen Thoughts Blog

Katie Anne

Like seriously?! As a fit geek, I have so many goals within the fitness community, and doing a powerlifting meet is one of them. Katie is 1 of the best powerlifters I’ve seen on Instagram, and she’s so stronggg! Like crazy strong. Like stupid strong!!! lol.  If you THOUGHT you moved weight, please, check out this girl’s page, and prepare to be humbled! lol

Katie Anne Rutherford Katie Anne Rutherford Katie Anne Rutherford

Arnelle Lozada

Arnelle is a visual content creator, and travels the world to capture some of the most stunning images! She also partakes in philanthropic projects while she’s abroad.  Arnelle  recently did some work out in Rwanda that made me want to book a flight now and figure it out later, lol.

I’m a sucker for any non profit involving children, and she worked with the children in Kigali and the Humanity Unified Organization, while documenting it all on her Instagram!

Follow her page to see some of the most beautiful travel pics and be inspired by her contributions into the lives of others:-)

Arnelle LozadaArnelle Lozada
Arnelle Lozada

Massy Arias

I’ve been a follower of Massy since she bore the name ‘Mankofit’ all over the net!

I relate to Massy probably the most out of all the fitness pages I follow.  She started her journey from the same place as I, depression.

It is such an inspiration to see other people who have fought past mental barriers and strongholds through fitness and came out stronger than ever!

Check her out, if you love fitness accounts, she’s the b-o-m-b, promise:-)

Massy Arias Massy Arias Massy Arias

Ashley Alexander of Gather & Feast

Okay, this girl’s flatlays of her meals, are not even food.  By the time she’s done curating the plate, it’s, ART!  Seriously. I can’t even describe it, you just have to see her page for yourself, lol. I’ve never seen a food page so brilliantly designed and artistic.  Usually foodies keep their aesthetic clean & white, not Ashley!  The images are robust & highly contrasted, with dark backgrounds on almost all of them!

Ashley’s Insta page is truly unique, make sure to follow if you love looking at food:-) lol.

Ashley Alexander Ashley Alexander Ashley Alexander


Noholita is a fresh, young , blogger & content creator, with a beautiful gray themed Instagram feed.  Her images are so bright & vivid, with awesome fashion & street style shots.  There aren’t any mountains or particularly over the top imagery on her page, lol, I just love looking at it.  It’s very fashiony–but not unrelatable fashiony, does that make sense?

Noholita’s page is super fresh & chic, and if you like fashion blogs, you’d love it!  Disclaimer: She doesn’t speak much English, but she’s so cool, I follow her anyway! lol.

Noholita Noholita Noholita

Alright my loves, pplleeaase hit up all of these awesome pages, and tell me what you think!

Give them a follow, and leave me a comment below of whose pages you’re loving right now on Instagram?! Oh! And if for some–I don’t know, crazzzzyyy  reason you’re not following ME on Instagram, no worries, I got you!

Hit this link here, let’s stalk each other 😏

Until next time, bye lovaas💋


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