I believe that TRUE beauty, begins within…

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I’m Alexis, a beauty and faith based lifestyle blogger & content creator.  I’ve spent the last 10 years as a professional makeup artist working for celebrities, high level fashion designers, and the worlds of film & TV.  During the past decade I’ve been based in New Orleans and New York City.

Somewhere in the midst of doing New York Fashion Week and train hopping through Brooklyn, Alexis Loves was born.  It began as a way to share with my followers the ins and outs of the beauty industry through what I was loving, and sometimes not loving.  In March of 2013, however, I gave my life wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ, and everything took a new perspective.

Alexis Loves is my creative space to explore the truth of Christ with the urban culture (because we’re in this together, I ain’t got all the answers!), in addition to encouraging women to feel confident wearing more natural makeup looks. To me, makeup is just a tool, an accessory, not a necessity needed in excess to feel beautiful, strong, or confident.

I stand for the young women immersed in the arts, trying to honor her gifts, while simultaneously honoring her God.  For the girls who don’t feel the need to conform to society’s pressure of heavy makeup, heavy hair, heavy anything!

I write for the starving artists to the girl bosses, the insta-famous to the unknowns, the church girls to the raging non-believers.  Because everyone matters, or no one does.

I use photography and video to express visual storytelling to a culture hungry for artistic stimulation.  While hoping the fruit of my work–infused with the Gospel of Christ–will prove itself of great value to them.

My goal is for Alexis Loves to become an influential voice in pop culture, impacting its members through visual artistry, to live for and know Christ.