So, as I make my way through this bea-u-ti-ful fitness journey, I’m discovering how much I enjoy helping people start their own paths:-).  I’m figuring it all out, and having a lot of fun along the way!

No Gym, No Problem! HIIT Workout at the Park

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I recently helped my buddy Suzette begin attacking her fitness goals.  What better way to start than with a HITT workout?  HITT is my foundation in fitness!  As I explained HERE, HITT, is how I shed a quick 40 lbs 4 years ago, before I even began seriously weightlifting.  I loveeee HITT (high intensity interval training) for multiple reasons; here’s a few:

5 Reasons I Love HIIT Training

  1. Results come fast!  Because you’re challenging yourself for 20 minutes straight, versus steady state jogging or just lifting weights for an hour.  With HITT, you’re mixing the variables of intensity, cardiovascular work, speed, weights, and calisthenics into a routine of 30/45 seconds of movement, with 30/15 seconds rest, composing 1 min “rounds”, for 20 minutes straight!
  2. The fat burning effects last for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished.  I could super science geeky about this, but, I’ll just send you HERE, if you want to read further into this:-).
  3. Its over faster than traditional cardio! What you achieve in just 20 minutes of HITT, would take you at least 45 minutes on the stair master/treadmill (intensity wise). And I don’t know about ya’ll, but I just don’t want to be anywhere longer than I have to be, even the gym! lol.
  4. It allows you to keep your muscles, while shedding fat.  When I do too much treadmill or running, I get lean, yes, but I lose some muscle too.  I work too hard for these gains baby!  Because it’s such an intense workout, and so hard on your central nervous system, it’s not advised to do HIIT more than  3X week.  So then you’re not running into too much cardiovascular work, which is what can sometimes result in loss of muscle.
  5. It’s fun! Wouldn’t you rather jump around and learn new ways to move your body than just a boring machine?!  Heck yea! 💪🏾

Suzette and I took to the great outdoors (okay, it’s just the park in Brooklyn🙄, but use your imagination, kay?), to work up a good sweat!  We set the interval timer for a 20 minute workout, consisting of 4 rounds (5 minutes = 1 round); 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest per round!  It was a gloomy day, so the lighting is a little dark, sorry guys, but I hope it helps you!

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