I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve sat down on December 31st, and written down about 20-25 “goals” for the upcoming New Year, closed my journal, and beamed with excitement for all the wins I would make in the near future.

Well, I’m sure you can imagine those wins didn’t come that easy, and I definitely wasn’t scoring all 25 of them!  Why?Because achieving those goals took a focus and strategy I hadn’t tapped in to yet.  Finally, in December 2017, I started using Cultivate What Matters, and it’s changed how I set goals forever!

Goals Are Nice, But A Plan Is Even Better

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Okay, I believe everyone should have a few goals for the new year.  I’m not saying you should aim to conquer your small section of the world every year, lol, but set your sights on something great.  Whatever that means to you!

I’m a planner through and through.  Like total nerd.  Like hashtag planner community follower on Instagram, yea that deep, lol!  So naturally when I got the opportunity to partner with the Cultivate What Matters team on  reviewing their highly esteemed Powersheets planner, I jumped to it!  I’ve heard SO MANY raves about this planner, yet never took the time to check it out for myself.

If I’ve learned anything through the years of being a planner geek, it’s that goals are nice–but what you need is a solid plan.  The difference between goals and a plan–is that the plan is the actual vehicle for those goals and dreams to realized.  Most people just stop at the dreaming part!  When you take the time to access what’s REALLY important in your life–you’ll be able to break down just HOW these goals will be brought to life.  The Powersheets help with just that and SO much more!

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What Are Powersheets?

The Powersheets planner isn’t your ordinary planner.  Meaning it’s not made up of calendar days, nor times, etc.  However it does contain monthly sections for the whole year.  Each month you repeat the process of “powering through” your goals strategically.

Every month you will begin with your “tending list” of all the things you want to “tend” to for the month. The theme and foundation of the entire Powersheets system is, “little by little”, and “progress over perfection”.  This concept is a total game changer for anyone wanting to change anything in their lives!   We get so caught up on making sure every detail is perfect–we often fail to even finish!  Or we think having done a little of something and making huge strides of growth isn’t good enough if it’s not 100% complete.

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The Powersheets help you cultivate, or GROW, in the areas that truly matter to you in life.  Because when you know your WHY behind what you want to grow in, you see the entire process differently.  The goal matters more, and you often end up with less goals on your list in the long run!

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3 Ways Powersheets Have Helped Me With My Goals

By now I’m sure you’ve gathered how much I loveeee this planner!  If not, let me tell you more, lol! Keep reading to find out how this system of planning has helped me so far in 2018!

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Made Me More Intentional When Setting Them

So, as I mentioned before, I had a terrible habit of OVER planning every year, in anticipation for the New Year.  I just KNEW I could do it all.  Granted, I probably could have done most of it, if I had been more intentional when I set them!  One page I love in the Powersheets planner is the “Big Picture” spread.  It’s basically a page where you can write, sketch, or glue pics of all the things that REALLY matter to you!  You also answer questions in the beginning of the planner that make you ponder on things like:

  • “What do I want to be remembered for?”
  • “How do I want to feel when I’m 80?”
  • “How will I feel after having achieved this goal?  Why does it matter to me?”

When I began to answer these series of questions, I realized that my list could stand to be MUCH shorter–because I had no substantial reason for setting them in the first place!  When you’re intentional with your goals when you FIRST set them, you’ll likely be intentional about carrying through with achieving them!

Powersheets Realigned My Focus to What Really Matters

I absolutely love how at the end of each month, I get to do a review of the month.  And not just any ole’ review neither!  But an in depth review, hitting each category of life that I filled out goals for at the BEGINNING of the year!  So, it totally acts as a compass to realign me, so that what I’m spending time on each month, is in direct reflection of what I want to cultivate for the year!  How cool is that?!  I would have never, ever, ever, thought to be that intentional with my life, lol!

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Kept Me Encouraged and Accountable With Design & Check Points

Besides the Powersheets planner being so stunningly designed, it’s filled with inspirational quips and quotes from start to finish.  Lara Casey, the founder of the brand Cultivate What Matters, which makes the Powersheets planners, places her special touch all throughout the planner through encouraging words!

I love how there are checkpoints for each season, spring, summer, fall, to further help me access where my head, heart, and mind are throughout the year!

What I love most about the brand is their commitment to being spiritually grounded!  Lara often comments  about her faith and shares her goals in that area of her life, one we often neglect!

It’s Not Too Late, Start Cultivating What Matters Today

I know we’re nearing the end of January, but you do NOT have to feel left out!  There are still 11 more glorious months in 2018 and you can start TODAY a planner system that can change your whole year.  I’m totally rooting for you, and I pray this year is your best one yet!

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I have to tell you though, the Powersheets are EXTREMELY popular, and by now the 1 year versions have sold out!  BUT, the 6 month versions are exactly the same, just not as many months.  The system is identical to the 1 year, just smaller.  Order your planner here, and if you’re not ready to order, just browse the site–so much inspiration and beautiful images!

Here’s a book written by Lara Casey, founder of the Cultivate What Matters & Powersheets brand:

The foundational book to the planner system!

I hope this post has been helpful and motivated you to plan your way to success in 2018!  What are some of your goals for 2018?  I’d love to hear them! Leave me a comment below or hop over to Instagram and let’s chat there! Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and stopping by!

Until next time, bye loves💋

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