Summer Salads: Easy + Still Delicious

What’s up my loves?! I hope you’re all doing well wherever this blog post may find you:-) Today, I’m coming at you with 3 quick, healthy, and delicious summer salads.  Alright, I know it’s not quite summer, but it’s okay–chill, lol, I’m just a tad early because:

a) if you’re wanting to get summa’time fine, start eating more salads now, lol

b) you can begin trying these recipes out, so by summer time, they can be perfected to your liking

See how I be giving you what you had needed, before you had knew you had needed it?! lol. Okay, seriously, on to the post!

#lexkitchen: Things Are a Changin’

So here in #lexkitchen my goals, techniques, and even palette has changed quite a bit.  I’m now vegan, and have been for a while.  Don’t worry, I’m doing a blog post next week on all the deets of how, why, etc.–so join my newsletter HERE, to join the #alexisloves cool kids and never miss a post:-)

My main goal with #lexkitchen is: to provide you guys with affordable, healthy, easy, and quick vegan recipes with very few items. 

I’ve found this approach to work best for my brand of food photography and content creation, because it matches my lifestyle: still wanting to eat well, enjoy it, and do it all quickly, because I don’t have a lot of time,  and love saving money!

I feel as young professionals, we all run low on extra time more often than we like.  Therefore,  I’ll be putting together recipes for you guys that won’t break the bank, and that you’ll actually like eating.  Even though it’s “just” veggies, lol, you won’t be in the kitchen for hours–because they will always be prepared with as few items as I can get away with!  I’m verrryyy  excited to begin this journey with you guys:-)

 Summer Salad = Less Kitchen, More Fun

These 3 salads are perfect for summer!  They’re all super light & airy, prepared with minimal ingredients so you can actually get out of the house and enjoy those yummy warm rays.  I personally don’t like having too many heavy meals in the summer months, because it’s already so draining walking around in the heat, the last thing I need is a big, stuffy meal, making me sleepy and weighed down!

I packaged them in easy to travel mason jars, which takes a lot of fuss out of preparation.  Plus, it makes it SO easy to pack for a picnic, beach day (or night), or have as that 1 token  “healthy meal” at your family’s not so healthy cookouts! lol Give them a go, and tell me how you like it:-)


Before I go into the recipes, I should mention a few things.  The measurements will vary according to the size of your mason jar and how many people you’re serving.   I made them just for me, so I judged the measurements according to my jar, literally just throwing it all in there, lol.  So, be flexible with these measurements, and edit them to fit your needs!

Crunchy Kale & Chickpea Salad

Herbed Radish Salad with Kiwi

Apple Bok Choy Salad


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