Photo: Ian Lyn Photography
Photo: Ian Lyn Photography

The Gift of Sisterhood

I was recently honored to speak to some of the most adorable little queens in Brooklyn!  It was PS 11’s annual ‘Sister’s Circle’ ceremony.  Basically a culmination of 4th & 5th graders graduating  and the young girls’ rite of passage showing their dedication to sisterhood and excellence.  

IMG_9161-7My good friend Diane, who is both an AMAZING counselor and an incredible advocate for the advancement of young girls, invited me to be the keynote speaker for the event.  For years now, I have had such a soft heart for our youth, particularly the girls.  I experienced the pressures, the rejections, the fierce impressions to conform, the awkwardness, the pain, the insecurities, etc.

I’m fully aware that young boys feel these things as well, but I think my heart for these girls is rooted in the unspoken truth that the community for girls is often not a community at all.

It’s a collective of “competitors”, with the race being heavily encouraged by society & media outlets.  Who can be prettier, who’s smarter, who has more nice things, who can get more attention from boys?  There’s truly not enough pockets of security in our communities for these girls to feel safe to grow and blossom, without the unfair burden of being pitted against each other.

But this isn’t a new thing; It’s always been this way.  I pray that throughout the years, I’m able to alleviate some of these girls’ pressures, and with the love of Christ, show them how to cultivate a sense of community and true sisterhood.

A Sister's Circle: PS 11 Experience

A Sister’s Circle: A Ceremony of Storytelling

The ceremony began with a fashion show, where I watched these girls strut down the runway with such confidence and just level 10 swag–do people stills say swag (asking for a friend 🤔lol) ?  This was followed by a few song selections, and a beautiful dance of praise to India Arie’s,  ‘Beautiful Flower’.  I think my eyes were sweating a little bit here– ahem–because I don’t cry much, you know, *insert nervous smile* , lol.

It was such a beautiful event, and I’m so thankful God allowed me to share my story with them, and give words of inspiration as they prepare to embark upon the next part of their journey.  Middle school and high school is where it starts to get tough.

So many ideas are thrown at them, so much consumption (music/dysfunctional TV shows, everyday exposure on the streets), and often no positive release (artistic expression/prayer/exercise).  Growing up is just plain ole’ HARD!  I pray my words blessed them and inspired them to soar!


How & Why Do We Encourage Sisterhood? 3 Take Aways

Being smart and pretty IS possible.

So many times in society, it’s impressed upon women that you have to be one or the other.  LIES! Big, fat, ones, to be exact, lol.  Don’t ever diminish your intelligence to promote your physical beauty.  We all should know by now, wrinkles are real, stuff sags sooner than later, and no amount of makeup can save you from gravity’s pull!  But a beautiful mind, that’s timeless:-)


Sisterhood is how you win.

If you allow yourself to play the game of the world that promotes women tearing each other down–no one will ever win, and the game will never end.  If we inspire and hold each other UP, we all win, and if we ALL win, no one can penetrate the circle–we become a unit of fierceness, a pact of strength and brilliance!  How dope would that be?!

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Being unique is how you change the world.

I was/am different from everyone in my family, lol.  From a lot of people in general actually, lol.  It grieved me initially, and I shared this with the girls.  I don’t fit in those cute little boxes people consistently want to put me in.  Mainly, because of my devotion to Jesus.  This alone influences every aspect of my life, but also, because i’m just weird, lol.  But this is totally okay!

We’re all made different–on purpose, there are no mistakes.  I’m so tired of seeing this carbon copy look of girls on the internet.

 Have the courage to be yourself, because without the distinction of your OWN personality, you’ll never be as powerful as you’re capable of being.

Stand in YOUR truths, not what you see, this is how you shake up the world.

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I hope this encouraged all of you as well, as I’m always happy to share my experiences!

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Until next time, bye lovaas:-)💋


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