Glossier: A Beauty Brand Inspired By Real Life

Hello my loves! If you haven’t been here in a while, welcome back, and thank you so much for checking out my little corner of the interwebs.🤓  You can also find me on Instagram HERE, and Youtube, right HERE.  Hope to connect with you guys over there as well:-)

As a professional makeup artist for almost 9 years now (yikes! 👵🏾), it’s literally my job to be knowledgeable of SO many different kinds of makeup looks. I enjoy doing any and all of them, from avant garde, colorful, costume looks, to bronze, sexy, celebrity styles, to really bare, natural, classic looks.  Recently, one brand in particular has definitely caught my attention, and that’s the lovely brand, Glossier!

Alexis Loves Aesthetic

Here on Alexis Loves, I always aim to promote the more wearable versions of the pop culture influenced heavy makeup looks. Simply because it’s a more timeless approach, and I believe there is something to be said about standing out and being different.

Crazy as it sounds, it really is.

Everyone wants to be ‘beat’ beyond recognition. But for those who don’t, don’t worry I got you! Always. Promise 💅🏾

Today I’m featuring a brand that caters to this mindset of approaching beauty in a minimalist, and very natural way. Glossier is a brand I’ve wanted to check out for the longest now.  I must thank them for sending these products my way! I remember when they first appeared onto the beauty scene, I thought:
–Wow, they really get it! Glowy skin, light textures, I love it. Hold up. Where the darker colors tho?!

Lol. Well, the mixologists over at Glossier must have caught my vibes, because lo and behold-now they’ve extended their color range to be more reflective of women of color! *inserts awkward dancing*

I decided to do a little beauty challenge with my new Glossier products. Doing my face with only 5 products. Stick with me for my review of the products and to see exactly how I pulled off the challenge!

Priming Moisturizer

blogger wearing glossier priming moisturizer rich

I began with the skin. Because, well, duh! lol.
I’m a big believer that good makeup starts with good skin. Besides, I don’t wear makeup for about 6 days out of the week, so having well taken care of skin is the only way I can afford to do so!

The priming moisturizer rich is definitely my new favorite. The texture is thick enough to believe it does what it claims, yet light enough to not feel like you need to blot your face afterward, lol. It smells incredible, and it blends onto the skin like silk!

glossier priming moisturizer rich
The formula is great for all seasons, and there’s even an anti redness complex, if you happen to have sensitive skin. The priming moisturizer sets your skin up, (primes) for a flawless foundation or tinted moisturizer application to follow.

Vitamin C Serum

glossier super glow serum

Before the moisturizer I used the vitamin C serum. It’s packed with magnesium, vitamin c, which we know aids in repair and ‘energizing’ the skin. These days, I’ve been working on quite a few business ventures, and unfortunately, not getting enough sleep. I know, I know. But this serum purports to brighten and rejuvenate on days when your skin look sallow.    With key ingredients vitamin C and magnesium, this sounds about right!

glossier super glow serum
I simply pushed it into my face with my fingertips, and let it sit for few seconds pre moisturizer. It gives a very uniform glow to the skin–you know– the real kind of glow, not the glitter patches or random oil spills. Just a beautiful gleam.
I’ll give it another 2 weeks to see if I notice any long term benefits to the condition of my skin, but it looks like it’s going to be a winner!

Perfecting Skin Tint

blogger wearing glossier skin tint

After addressing my skin, I went right into ‘makeup’.
I requested the skin tint in 2 shades, here’s why. When you’re unfamiliar with a brand, and only have the internet to judge shades, always request a shade that looks like your skin tone, and 1 more-either darker or lighter. If you can afford to do this, it will save you the frustration of prematurely disliking something, just because the color is off!
In this case, I got the shades. Honestly, the shade looked too light and the shade looks a bit too dark–so I was anxious to see how the mix would turn out.

glossier skin tint dark

Using my hand as a palette, allowed the heat from my body temperature to lightly ‘warm’ up the shades–making the mixing process a lot more seamless.

blogger wearing glossier skin tint

Boy Brow

glossier boy brow

I groomed my brows with the very famous, boy brow gel.  I requested shades brown and black, again, because I wasn’t sure if the brown would be prominent enough for my darker features & skin tones.  Let me just say guys, this product is here to stay in my beauty routine!  It’s pretty much amazing.

african american blogger wearing glossier boy brow

blogger wearing glossier boy brow

Available in 4 shades: clear, blond, brown, and black, there’s a color for everyone!  The wax formula is SO incredibly long lasting and provides enough creaminess to truly thicken the brow hairs, while also taming those unruly ones.  The tint in the product is perfect for filling in any gaps of hair or just thinned brows from over plucking or waxing.  I loved all the products from Glossier, but this was the star for me!  (And obviously many other people as well, read this!)

glossier boy brow

Stretch Concealer

glossier stretch concealer

The stretch concealer was a pleasant surprise for me.  I’m what they call an “OG” when it comes to concealer.  Concealer was actually the 1st real makeup product that sparked my interest in cosmetics, due to my genetically darker under eyes.  So, all that to say, I know a good concealer when I see one!

However, this stretch concealer, truly exceeded my expectations.  I often leave the house wearing concealer only, so I need one that will

a) decently cover my dark circles

b) be long lasting 

blogger with glossier stretch concealer

I applied the shade 50 first, which is my exact shade, then followed up with shade 40–for a slight highlight.  I can easily get away with just applying  shade 50 for daily wear, and feel totally confident in the color matching.  What was awesome about this concealer was the texture.  While it was SUPER creamy and blendable, it wasn’t too sheer, and ‘weak’, this baby has some staying power!  It really did cover up my darkness under my eyes, AND my acne scarring on my forehead.  It’s not so creamy that it disappears upon application, and is buildable–so layer away if you need fuller coverage!


glossier haloscope topaz glossier haloscope topaz

Finally, we have the gorgeous highlighter, so appropriately named, the haloscope.  This comes in 3 shades, topaz, quartz, and moonstone.  I received the shade topaz, and it’s brown girl beauty hheeaavveennn!  It’s definitely more for the tan and darker girls, and applies so effortlessly.

The outer layer is infused with crystal extracts, while the inner core is full of vitamin C, for all day moisture and dewy goodness!  I love that this highlighter is not glittery, it melts onto your skin, making you look genuinely ‘glowy’.  This was probably my 2nd favorite product!

blogger wearing glossier haloscope topazblogger wearing glossier haloscope topaz blogger wearing glossier boy brow

Get the Look:

blogger wearing glossier priming moisturizer richafrican american girl blogger glossier Shop Glossier Products here and tell me what you think!

If you’re already a Glossier fan, leave me a comment below of your favorite product:-)

Bye loves💋

makeup for glasses wearers

So, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, and let me tell you straight up: I would rather be decked out in my specs than running into walls, ANYDAY! lol.  I’m so serious when I say, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, lol.  I admit, I wear contacts in the daytime, and have since age 9 as well, so I do like a bit of flexibility. But without 1 of these though, you can forget it! So this post, makeup for glasses is for all my visually challenged beauties out there, we need love too! lol.

Now, back in the day, wearing glasses wasn’t very fashionable! In fact, I was so embarrassed when I had to walk into that classroom, sporting an extra set of eyes on my face, smh. However, over the years, glasses had become a fashion accessory.  By my ninth grade year of high school, I had discovered the power of fashion forward frames, and you pretty much couldn’t tell me nothing, lol.  Now, while I absolutely love my contacts–I wear them 80% of the time, because I’m active most days with the gym, etc. But when I know I have a day to stay in the house, will be traveling all day, or just lounging around a lazy weekend–the glasses are a must!

Throughout my years as a makeup artist, I’ve encountered women who didn’t know how to wear makeup with their glasses.  It was kind of strange to me, because I didn’t realize that some people would see the glasses as a hinderance.  But I guess I can see it, no pun intended:-)  Wearing your glasses, while still trying to rock a sweet beat, is indeed possible. You don’t have to diminish your confidence by going sans your beauty routine, just because you wanna see–I mean who wouldn’t wanna see?! lol.

It’s so easy to look natural and polished with your favorite makeup, and wear your much needed frames. You just have to target 3 major points, and I’ll share them with you now! By the way, if you want to know how I did my foundation and skin in this video, click here to see my everyday foundation routine!

Makeup for Glasses : 3 Simple Key Steps

makeup for glasses wearers


Okay. So with your glasses resting on that beautiful face of yours, you have to remember that everything else you put “on” your face must frame them.  So, think of it as not letting the glasses just rest bare on your face.  Grooming your brows frames your whole face anyway, so with the addition of glasses, it just adds even more to the overall frame of your face, and looking overall neater & more polished.

You want to make your brows full and neat, so that some attention can still be given to your eye area.  Because with the glasses covering your eyes, they can easily get lost.  So, groom those brows really nicely when your sport your frames, so that the eye still commands a little attention and doesn’t swim aimlessly behind the lenses!

products featured:

 NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Espresso 

MAC Espresso Eyeshadow + Angled Brush

Spoolie or Brow Groomer 


So, as you guys know, I promote natural makeup looks, and fun looks that don’t go overboard.  So most days, I don’t wear makeup. Like, at all, lol (I know, smh).  But when I want to wear my glasses, and look lowkey chic–I always play up 1 focal area of my face.  That area is usually either my cheeks or lips.  It’s the easiest feature to play up when you want to still look low maintenance with a pop of glam.  With your glasses being the obvious focal point of your face, by nature of just resting there, lol, you have to give people’s eyes something else to look at as well!  So wear a bright lipstick or a gorgeous blush that compliments your skin tone.  Bright reds, deep plums, or cool toned pinks are great options, and cream blushes that are coral/orange based or a shade of deep berries.

products featured:

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme in 404 Passion Red 

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral


Again, not to let the eyes get lost behind the lenses, you must do subtle things to make them pop! So because I wouldn’t encourage false lashes, I will encourage you to find a great lash primer and volumizing mascara.  The primer will create an extra layer of fibers for the mascara to latch onto, making the lashes look fuller and longer.  This way, your eyes still pop, even behind those frames!

products featured:

Estee Lauder mascara primer + Chanel mascare– Le Volume De Chanel 

So, I hope these 3 tips helped you guys with feeling confident in your  makeup while wearing your glasses!  I truly love my glasses now, and can’t see myself without them, lol.  I’ve learned to make them fit my style and have become addicted to collecting frames, lol. I just get my prescription put into them, and go on with my blind little life, lol.  What’s your favorite bright lipstick to wear on your low maintenance days?! I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and until next time, bye lovaas! 💋

green plant on black background

Define Your Lifestyle

In this post, I’m gonna share with you guys just how to define your lifestyle and the many benefits!  I think we all can get so inspired by what our eyes are attracted to in other people’s lives: their bodies, their homes, their fashion flair, their personality/mannerisms, even–but I always aim to encourage people to find their AUTHENTIC style for life.

For example, growing up, I was the cute girl that wasn’t girlie, lol.  A tomboy that loved a fresh pair of sneaks– but my mama definitely made sure I still knew how to walk in heels, lol. So I was versatile–but the heart of me, preferred street styles.  I went off to high school & college and my little circle of influence got super wide, super quickly!  I was told I was “too pretty” to be wearing those sneakers, and could look so much better if I wore this color, or these shoes, or this really short skirt, lol.  So, I tried it!  And you know what, it was ok. I mean, I do enjoy a nice pair of heels, I am aware of my femininity, and I do like to switch things up sometimes.

But fast forward, over 10 years later.  I’m now an older woman, fully confident of who I am, and what I’m about.  #jesustaughtme .

And you know what happened?  I wear sneakers almost every single day!  Pretty much, I reverted back to what was the REAL me.

I think with age, and letting God show you yourself–free from social influence, we start to see that we’ve had glimpses of our authentic self our whole lives.

The Style of My Life

I call my style more tomboy chic, because I do wear feminine things when I’m feeling it,  but I make it fit around my core style.  My color palette is black, white, and neutrals.  Basically,  I have a minimalistic approach to my home, and I know exactly how I like my makeup.  This is the style of my life!

Now, before it sounds like I got my life together:  I dont, lol, and I must admit:  It took me up until this year to find my (life)style!  So if you haven’t, don’t be discouraged. It takes a whole lot of trial & error, reflection, and just plain ole’ patience to figure it out.

But once you do, life in every way will get a wee bit simpler, because you’ll know where you stand on almost anything concerning your image & life preferences. The simplicity alone will help you commit to it, because, well, who doesn’t like things not being so hard?! You can do it! And I think I can help:-)

Steps on HOW to Define Your LifeStyle


Okay, this is big one.  What colors do you gravitate towards the most?  Which colors make you feel both powerful and confident?  I knew it was the neutrals palette for me–predominantly black, because black fits my personality.

Black is subtle, and understated, yet always makes a splash:-)

It’s both seen and unseen, it’s cool and low key, but still is taken seriously.  What colors reflect your personality?

black and white dress

power colors


When I discovered my style in wardrobe & color palette, I went through my closet & tossed EVERYTHING that didn’t fit it.  I was bout that life! lol.  The thing is, you want to feel as amazing as possible every day, so go through your stuff, and purge it of stuff that doesn’t fit this new goal!  You shouldn’t just feel okay about your image!  Love the visual you put forth into the world, by making it subject to the style you’ve determined will help you do just that!  Watch my Youtube Video that explores this tip and others like it, Here!

BONUS: I only buy new things that fit my lifestyle as well!  No “maybe, it can go with this?” , or “It might look better with that?”, no, my goal is to: LOVE everything I purchase.  Now this means you may buy things less frequently, but why be a collector of stuff you’re just ok with anyway?

love it or leave it


This is in reference to your home.  I mentioned adopting a minimalistic life approach, and can I tell you, it’s been so dope!  My color palette is the same in my home as my wardrobe–black/white/neutrals–but heavy on the white.  It just gives me so much peace.

Figure out what kind of environment makes you feel good at home?  Is it a lot of candles? Is it a lot of plants?  Maybe a certain feel of rug you need to have in every room to feel comfortable? Whatever it is, get into more of that!

lifestyle blogging


Numerous studies prove that having a clean home, promotes peace and more productivity.  I was fortunately raised to be very cleanly, so this has always been in me, but if you have a history of, idk, “letting it all hang out” around your crib, stop that! lol.

Seriously, try decluttering your space, and having a bit more open air in your rooms. Defining a clean, bright, warm area for your lifestyle (home space) will help you get more done faster & easier! This will work wonders for your focus, peace, and all around quality of life at  home.

drinking coffee on bed



In terms of hair & makeup–what look can you pull off that’s literally effortless? What looks can you do, where you know you’re not being too “try hardy“, you’re just, doing you? Somewhere in this world, is your go to look.  Play around with it, and experiment.  Wear it everyday for a week, and pay attention to how you feel.

lifestyle blogger


Coming right in from the last point–listen to the people about this experiment!  I don’t usually advise caring about what people say, lol, but in this case, we’re working on something, so it’s alright, lol.  When you do that effortless look for a week straight, what are the people saying? Are they here for it?!  Or better yet:

think of a look that you’ve always gotten compliments on, since like, forever! Go into this look, and see how to make it fit you now?

everyday makeup routine


Are You Ready?

Okay loves, these were 6 super easy and basic tips to discover your authentic lifestyle!  In conclusion, I really hope they were helpful to you, and and that you try them out! There’s nothing like feeling that extra bit of freedom every day, being confident in your image, and how you live your life.

Your lifestyle is a reflection of you–whether it’s your fashion, makeup/hair, or even home details. So take the time to actually get to know you, when defining all the details of those things.  Don’t let it be over influenced by someone else’s style, NOBODY, can do it like you:-)

Until next time, bye lovaas💋