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makeup for glasses wearers

So, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old, and let me tell you straight up: I would rather be decked out in my specs than running into walls, ANYDAY! lol.  I’m so serious when I say, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, lol.  I admit, I wear contacts in the daytime, and have since age 9 as well, so I do like a bit of flexibility. But without 1 of these though, you can forget it! So this post, makeup for glasses is for all my visually challenged beauties out there, we need love too! lol.

Now, back in the day, wearing glasses wasn’t very fashionable! In fact, I was so embarrassed when I had to walk into that classroom, sporting an extra set of eyes on my face, smh. However, over the years, glasses had become a fashion accessory.  By my ninth grade year of high school, I had discovered the power of fashion forward frames, and you pretty much couldn’t tell me nothing, lol.  Now, while I absolutely love my contacts–I wear them 80% of the time, because I’m active most days with the gym, etc. But when I know I have a day to stay in the house, will be traveling all day, or just lounging around a lazy weekend–the glasses are a must!

Throughout my years as a makeup artist, I’ve encountered women who didn’t know how to wear makeup with their glasses.  It was kind of strange to me, because I didn’t realize that some people would see the glasses as a hinderance.  But I guess I can see it, no pun intended:-)  Wearing your glasses, while still trying to rock a sweet beat, is indeed possible. You don’t have to diminish your confidence by going sans your beauty routine, just because you wanna see–I mean who wouldn’t wanna see?! lol.

It’s so easy to look natural and polished with your favorite makeup, and wear your much needed frames. You just have to target 3 major points, and I’ll share them with you now! By the way, if you want to know how I did my foundation and skin in this video, click here to see my everyday foundation routine!

Makeup for Glasses : 3 Simple Key Steps

makeup for glasses wearers


Okay. So with your glasses resting on that beautiful face of yours, you have to remember that everything else you put “on” your face must frame them.  So, think of it as not letting the glasses just rest bare on your face.  Grooming your brows frames your whole face anyway, so with the addition of glasses, it just adds even more to the overall frame of your face, and looking overall neater & more polished.

You want to make your brows full and neat, so that some attention can still be given to your eye area.  Because with the glasses covering your eyes, they can easily get lost.  So, groom those brows really nicely when your sport your frames, so that the eye still commands a little attention and doesn’t swim aimlessly behind the lenses!

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So, as you guys know, I promote natural makeup looks, and fun looks that don’t go overboard.  So most days, I don’t wear makeup. Like, at all, lol (I know, smh).  But when I want to wear my glasses, and look lowkey chic–I always play up 1 focal area of my face.  That area is usually either my cheeks or lips.  It’s the easiest feature to play up when you want to still look low maintenance with a pop of glam.  With your glasses being the obvious focal point of your face, by nature of just resting there, lol, you have to give people’s eyes something else to look at as well!  So wear a bright lipstick or a gorgeous blush that compliments your skin tone.  Bright reds, deep plums, or cool toned pinks are great options, and cream blushes that are coral/orange based or a shade of deep berries.

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Again, not to let the eyes get lost behind the lenses, you must do subtle things to make them pop! So because I wouldn’t encourage false lashes, I will encourage you to find a great lash primer and volumizing mascara.  The primer will create an extra layer of fibers for the mascara to latch onto, making the lashes look fuller and longer.  This way, your eyes still pop, even behind those frames!

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Estee Lauder mascara primer + Chanel mascare– Le Volume De Chanel 

So, I hope these 3 tips helped you guys with feeling confident in your  makeup while wearing your glasses!  I truly love my glasses now, and can’t see myself without them, lol.  I’ve learned to make them fit my style and have become addicted to collecting frames, lol. I just get my prescription put into them, and go on with my blind little life, lol.  What’s your favorite bright lipstick to wear on your low maintenance days?! I’d love to hear!

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Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and until next time, bye lovaas! 💋