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Glossier: A Beauty Brand Inspired By Real Life

Hello my loves! If you haven’t been here in a while, welcome back, and thank you so much for checking out my little corner of the interwebs.🤓  You can also find me on Instagram HERE, and Youtube, right HERE.  Hope to connect with you guys over there as well:-)

As a professional makeup artist for almost 9 years now (yikes! 👵🏾), it’s literally my job to be knowledgeable of SO many different kinds of makeup looks. I enjoy doing any and all of them, from avant garde, colorful, costume looks, to bronze, sexy, celebrity styles, to really bare, natural, classic looks.  Recently, one brand in particular has definitely caught my attention, and that’s the lovely brand, Glossier!

Alexis Loves Aesthetic

Here on Alexis Loves, I always aim to promote the more wearable versions of the pop culture influenced heavy makeup looks. Simply because it’s a more timeless approach, and I believe there is something to be said about standing out and being different.

Crazy as it sounds, it really is.

Everyone wants to be ‘beat’ beyond recognition. But for those who don’t, don’t worry I got you! Always. Promise 💅🏾

Today I’m featuring a brand that caters to this mindset of approaching beauty in a minimalist, and very natural way. Glossier is a brand I’ve wanted to check out for the longest now.  I must thank them for sending these products my way! I remember when they first appeared onto the beauty scene, I thought:
–Wow, they really get it! Glowy skin, light textures, I love it. Hold up. Where the darker colors tho?!

Lol. Well, the mixologists over at Glossier must have caught my vibes, because lo and behold-now they’ve extended their color range to be more reflective of women of color! *inserts awkward dancing*

I decided to do a little beauty challenge with my new Glossier products. Doing my face with only 5 products. Stick with me for my review of the products and to see exactly how I pulled off the challenge!

Priming Moisturizer

blogger wearing glossier priming moisturizer rich

I began with the skin. Because, well, duh! lol.
I’m a big believer that good makeup starts with good skin. Besides, I don’t wear makeup for about 6 days out of the week, so having well taken care of skin is the only way I can afford to do so!

The priming moisturizer rich is definitely my new favorite. The texture is thick enough to believe it does what it claims, yet light enough to not feel like you need to blot your face afterward, lol. It smells incredible, and it blends onto the skin like silk!

glossier priming moisturizer rich
The formula is great for all seasons, and there’s even an anti redness complex, if you happen to have sensitive skin. The priming moisturizer sets your skin up, (primes) for a flawless foundation or tinted moisturizer application to follow.

Vitamin C Serum

glossier super glow serum

Before the moisturizer I used the vitamin C serum. It’s packed with magnesium, vitamin c, which we know aids in repair and ‘energizing’ the skin. These days, I’ve been working on quite a few business ventures, and unfortunately, not getting enough sleep. I know, I know. But this serum purports to brighten and rejuvenate on days when your skin look sallow.    With key ingredients vitamin C and magnesium, this sounds about right!

glossier super glow serum
I simply pushed it into my face with my fingertips, and let it sit for few seconds pre moisturizer. It gives a very uniform glow to the skin–you know– the real kind of glow, not the glitter patches or random oil spills. Just a beautiful gleam.
I’ll give it another 2 weeks to see if I notice any long term benefits to the condition of my skin, but it looks like it’s going to be a winner!

Perfecting Skin Tint

blogger wearing glossier skin tint

After addressing my skin, I went right into ‘makeup’.
I requested the skin tint in 2 shades, here’s why. When you’re unfamiliar with a brand, and only have the internet to judge shades, always request a shade that looks like your skin tone, and 1 more-either darker or lighter. If you can afford to do this, it will save you the frustration of prematurely disliking something, just because the color is off!
In this case, I got the shades. Honestly, the shade looked too light and the shade looks a bit too dark–so I was anxious to see how the mix would turn out.

glossier skin tint dark

Using my hand as a palette, allowed the heat from my body temperature to lightly ‘warm’ up the shades–making the mixing process a lot more seamless.

blogger wearing glossier skin tint

Boy Brow

glossier boy brow

I groomed my brows with the very famous, boy brow gel.  I requested shades brown and black, again, because I wasn’t sure if the brown would be prominent enough for my darker features & skin tones.  Let me just say guys, this product is here to stay in my beauty routine!  It’s pretty much amazing.

african american blogger wearing glossier boy brow

blogger wearing glossier boy brow

Available in 4 shades: clear, blond, brown, and black, there’s a color for everyone!  The wax formula is SO incredibly long lasting and provides enough creaminess to truly thicken the brow hairs, while also taming those unruly ones.  The tint in the product is perfect for filling in any gaps of hair or just thinned brows from over plucking or waxing.  I loved all the products from Glossier, but this was the star for me!  (And obviously many other people as well, read this!)

glossier boy brow

Stretch Concealer

glossier stretch concealer

The stretch concealer was a pleasant surprise for me.  I’m what they call an “OG” when it comes to concealer.  Concealer was actually the 1st real makeup product that sparked my interest in cosmetics, due to my genetically darker under eyes.  So, all that to say, I know a good concealer when I see one!

However, this stretch concealer, truly exceeded my expectations.  I often leave the house wearing concealer only, so I need one that will

a) decently cover my dark circles

b) be long lasting 

blogger with glossier stretch concealer

I applied the shade 50 first, which is my exact shade, then followed up with shade 40–for a slight highlight.  I can easily get away with just applying  shade 50 for daily wear, and feel totally confident in the color matching.  What was awesome about this concealer was the texture.  While it was SUPER creamy and blendable, it wasn’t too sheer, and ‘weak’, this baby has some staying power!  It really did cover up my darkness under my eyes, AND my acne scarring on my forehead.  It’s not so creamy that it disappears upon application, and is buildable–so layer away if you need fuller coverage!


glossier haloscope topaz glossier haloscope topaz

Finally, we have the gorgeous highlighter, so appropriately named, the haloscope.  This comes in 3 shades, topaz, quartz, and moonstone.  I received the shade topaz, and it’s brown girl beauty hheeaavveennn!  It’s definitely more for the tan and darker girls, and applies so effortlessly.

The outer layer is infused with crystal extracts, while the inner core is full of vitamin C, for all day moisture and dewy goodness!  I love that this highlighter is not glittery, it melts onto your skin, making you look genuinely ‘glowy’.  This was probably my 2nd favorite product!

blogger wearing glossier haloscope topazblogger wearing glossier haloscope topaz blogger wearing glossier boy brow

Get the Look:

blogger wearing glossier priming moisturizer richafrican american girl blogger glossier Shop Glossier Products here and tell me what you think!

If you’re already a Glossier fan, leave me a comment below of your favorite product:-)

Bye loves💋

green eye makeup 2

Eye Makeup : Step Ya Game Up

I think it’s safe to say, eye makeup can be quite the challenge for most people.  Intimidating even.  From the winged liner, smoky eye, glitter tricks, it can get the best of anyone.  I understand:-)  That’s why I don’t wear it, lol.


All jokes aside, I get it! Do you guys watch these highly creative and thoroughly explained Youtube tutorials, and feel like they’re crammed with sssoooo many products & tools?  If you’re anything like me, you probably think, ‘does it really take all’at?!’ lol Short answer: no. it doesn’t:-) lol

Understand, I’m a professional, so it gets trickier for me. On my jobs, it actually MAY take all that.  Depending on the look, type of job, face characteristics of the talent/model, etc., But it’s my job, so it goes without saying that I need a wider extension of tools.  But for the average beauty, you can step up your eyeshadow game, and achieve 90% of the looks you love, with just 3 types of brushes.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m all about simplicity & natural glam.  I love a fierce, beat, look, like most artists; but I’m also extremely practical, and it’s just not my thing.

I aim to nurture the community of women who want to look the best version of their natural self.

But anyway. Back to zee brushes.  Let’s get into it!

3 Makeup Brushes to Achieve Almost Any EyeShadow Look

3 brushes designer

The flat, synthetic brush

With this brush you can apply a cream eyeshadow smoothly.  The synthetic bristles help to ‘paint’ the color onto your lid.  I love to wear a cream shadow for days when I’m not trying to pull off a complete eyeshadow look, but just want a wash of color or shine on the lid.  This kind of brush acts as a mini paint brush, laying the color down evenly.

green eye makeup + flat synthetic brush

The fluffy, blending brush.

The fluffy brush!  This brush is a MUST.  The heartbreaking eyeshadow crimes we see committed on the regs, is the result of a lack of blending! True story😫.  You have to blend out those edges people! When you apply a color onto your lid, or into the corner of your eye, take this brush, and go around the EDGES of where that color stops, and move in small circles & wind shield wiper motions.  Do this until the line of where that color began is gone! Because the fluffy brush is well, fluffy, lol,–and soft, natural hair bristles– it moves the pigment around evenly, doing all the work for you.

green eye makeup + fluffy brush

The bullet/dome shaped brush.

I like these kinds of brushes for applying a darker eyeshadow shade in the corner of the eye to “smoke” it out a bit.  Because it’s dome shaped, it fits perfectly into the corner of your eyeball. Apply the color in a patting motion, then blend inward, towards the middle of your lid.

green eye makeup close up

Extra tip:

*If you’re going for darkness near the base of your lash line, and only want to use 3 brushes, take the dome shaped brush, and push (pat) the dark color into the base of the lashes (or root of the lashes).  The same smoked/defined effect will take place!

Eye makeup doesn’t have to be scary:-)  And you certainly don’t need to shy away from it, because you don’t have brush #311, 415, 699, 347, lol.  Plus, cosmetics are expppeeennssiveee!  So, take your time adding to your brush collection.  Start off with these 3 types of brushes as a good base to play around with technique, and just getting used to the act of applying eyeshadow.

You don’t need to buy the brands I have pictured, as they’re luxury brands, so here’s some cost friendlier options of each brush:


The synthetic brush isn't flat, but will actually work better along the curve of your eyes! It's a cheapy art store brush!
The synthetic brush isn’t flat, but will actually work better along the curve of your eyes! It’s a cheapy art store brush!


Hope these tips helped guys!  In addition to these tips, the most important way to get better at eye makeup is: practice, practice, practice!  But at least now, with the right tools, practice should be a lot more enjoyable!

If you know another beauty who’s new to makeup, or would love this post, share it on your socials!  Pop me comment below, if you have any questions:-)

green eye makeup 1

Until next time, bye lovaas💋