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Being ‘ Saved ‘ : A Privilege, Never a Burden

When I first saw this from one of my favorite entertainers, I felt this thing, that no one has been able to evoke inside of me since I read ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’, by the late Maya Angelou.  I don’t want to call it a feeling of acceptance, as I’ve never really needed that, but, let’s just call it, familiarity. A feeling that you’ve stumbled upon your tribe, a member of your spiritual clique, a soul that’s, well…. familiar.

Lauryn’s life, isn’t picture perfect, neither was Maya’s, but that’s what made the glory they gave God, so paramount. This truth is what makes them being,  ” saved ” , as we say down south when referencing a life devoted to Jesus, such a powerful inspiration for the world.

Real Inspiration Through Celebrated People

Growing up in a small town, with big dreams, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was my mini anthem.  The book seriously changed my little world.  Reading the book, and having knowledge of just what all Maya was able to go on and accomplish, I was inspired for life!  I even shed real tears when she died, and I never do that for celebrities!

But this was different. Both Lauryn & Maya’s life were very public displays of God’s grace through celebrated people.  The grace, man.

Grace from a perfect God to us, imperfect beings, is humbling, beautiful, and lifesaving (pun intended).

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Jesus Over Everything

I’ve been a makeup artist for 8 years now, and let’s face it, my industry (entertainment/fashion/celebrity, etc.), isn’t exactly, the God serving type of industry, lol.  I see a lot. I’ve experienced a lot too.  But what’s refreshing and so dope, is artists like Lauryn.  Artists who boldly profess their lives of seeking Jesus and trying to live in line with his teachings.  It’s encouraging and necessary.

In an industry where you’re taught to be quiet about what you believe in–so as not to offend–she said, nah, playa, I serve God, lol. I can definitely relate😑

In March 2013, I fully embraced the scriptural direction of “being in this world, but not OF it”, and never looked back!  I live a different lifestyle from most people my age, lol, and that’s okay.  It is my hope though, that I can be an inspiring light to anyone wanting to know about the source of my light, Jesus Christ:-).

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Serving God in Ungodly Places

Alexis Loves, is most certainly a creative space about beauty & fitness, but it’s also a lifestyle blog.  And it’s literally impossible for me share the details of my lifestyle, and not share what governs it–living for Christ.  So, no, I’m not about to turn this into a Christian blog, lol, but in my category labeled, ‘life’, it’s not uncommon to see posts like this pop up:-)

I post them not to force someone to live like me,  but to inspire other young women who want to work in any industry, not particularly believer friendly, to not leave their morals at the door, to not conform, and to stand for what is important to them.  It’s also to be honest and transparent about the true reason behind what I’ve acquired that is seemingly a level of “success”…

what you see is not me, because I’m so “great”, it’s Jesus.  Forreal, forreal😊

All that to say, if you love beauty, fashion, fitness, and/or wants to be in the entertainment biz, know that it IS possible to serve God and still flourish in the gifts He’s given you–even in ungodly places.

You don’t have to conform to the world, nor do anything that you’re uncomfortable with to “make it”.  Besides, “making it” is relative–success for you, may not be to the next person.  But the opinion of success that matters the most, is God’s.

Young & Fly: But Taking Jesus With Me

I’m far from where I know I’ll be with my career and even my relationship with Christ.  We’re all flawed beings, BUT, I am certain that every day I’m striving to be better & not make the same mistakes.

It’s a beautiful journey if you’re willing to be patient, humble, and teachable:-)

It’s not impossible to have the goal of righteous living and real life morals, because it violates your devotion to God.  Trust me, you’ll be praised where & with whom it matters most!  This life is not all there is, so stay motivated and encouraged each day that you’re blessed to even be alive!

young fly and saved

And getting better everyday, ayyeee! lol.

photo credit: imgur.com
photo credit: imgur.com

In conclusion, count it not a burden to be DIFFERENT and live for God! You won’t lose 1 ounce of dopeness, 1 morsel of freshness, and yes, you will still be popping, Promise:-)

I hope this has encouraged any of you who are struggling with being transparent about your relationship with God while striving to make your dreams come true!

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Until next time, bye lovass💋