Cheat Meal Like a Boss

So….I know I’m all about the fitness these days, and believe me, I LOVE it:-).  But can I be real with you guys?  I still love food too.  Like, I luhhh food.

Alllll kiiiiinds of yummy eats: healthy & not so healthy, lol. I will admit though, I usually eat the same foods 98% of the time.  I enjoy it this way–I know how my body will react, I know the nutritional value/calories, and it’s just plain easier!  However, I will have calculated cheat meals every couple of weeks.  Because I’m human, and pizza is kang!!!  lol.

I hate when super fitness themed people advise their clients/followers to never think of cheating again, just because now they like to workout.  Seriously bro?!  I’m a realist.  And I know that I’m not going to live out this life never enjoying the glazed heavenly preciousness of donuts from Dough ever again (you do know about Dough, huh?  No?…don’t worry, I got you HERE).

Don’t get it twisted, it’s not just about pizza & donuts (junk food), I love to cook as well.  It’s so fun to get creative in the kitchen sometimes, and veer away from my usual meal plan. So I’ll occasionally whip up some creamy Italian pastas, or traditional Mexican dishes!  And I don’t want to feel guilty about  it.  Most people report that having a cheat meal every now and again, spikes their motivation to stay on course the weeks leading up to their cheat meal!  You CAN love fitness & enjoy some foods other than broccoli, tilapia, and egg whites.  Here’s how to do it:

7 Tips for Enjoying Your Cheat Meals

On cheat day, I be like...💃🏿
On cheat day, I be like…💃🏿

1. Pick your cheat meal in advance.

Write it down. Take a picture, I don’t— never mind, lol.  (cool points to who remembers this lol!).  Point is: plan the cheat meal.  Make up in your mind that you will stick to your clean meal plan, until that particular day.  That PLANNED day to indulge in your favorite fatback, heart attack, meal, lol.  No, seriously; stay disciplined.  Look to that day you have planned as a bit of motivation to stay on track until it arrives!

2.  Cheat MEAL, not DAY, homie.

One meal bruh…..that’s one meal in the day—not every meal of that day!  lol.  That’s why it’s typically a good idea to stick your cheat meal at the end of the day.  So you won’t be tempted to make poor food choices for all your other meals, because you had it at the closing of the day.  Plus, you’ll probably be in a food coma from all those good carbs anyway, and won’t want to eat anymore, lol.

3.  Plan it on a heavy lifting day.

Simply because your body will likely still be burning fat and in an increased state of metabolic boost, long after you’ve left the gym.  Most people put their cheat day on leg day or back day for this reason!

On my way to make bad decisions 👅
On my way to make bad decisions 👅
Yep, I'm doing it! (it was amazing by the way) Location: Perry's Cafe; San Diego, CA
Yep, I’m doing it!
(it was amazing by the way)
Location: Perry’s Cafe; San Diego, CA

4.  Make your other meals for that day mainly veggies & protein.

Eat “clean” for all your other meals on your cheat day.  Since most cheat meals are carb and fat heavy, conserve your stores of those macronutrients for the cheat meal!  Eat meals like fish, chicken + broccoli, spinach, egg whites, leading up to your glorious cheat!

Godfather's Pizza! If you're ever in the south (AL, MS, TX), grab yourself a couple of these! #thankmelater
Godfather’s Pizza!
If you’re ever in the south (AL, MS, TX), grab yourself a couple of these! #thankmelater

5.  Try to go for a brisk walk afterward.

Not a run, to try and “work it off”, lol.  But a relaxing walk!  Also, you’ll likely feel better to get some activity going after that “tight” feeling sets in after stuffing yourself–you know what I’m talkin about, lol!

6.  Plan to drink more water the next day.

You want to prepare to drink more water than usual the next day, or even begin the day of your cheat meal.  Most unhealthy food has a tremendous amounts of sodium.  Sodium attributes to bloating and that puffy look we experience after we indulge.  By drinking more water, you’ll help ‘flush’ away the sodium reserves a lot quicker!

Yummy steak tacoosss! 🌮
Yummy steak tacoosss! 🌮

7.  Leave it there! No guilt trips, enjoy it!

It’s over now cupcake!  Don’t walk around with the gray cloud, nor feel any guilt about your cheat meal.  You PLANNED it, ate healthy all week or 2 weeks leading up to it, and you plan to get back on track towards your fitness goals tomorrow!   Never feel bad about a calculated cheat meal!  As long as you’re prepared to get right back in the gym going hard with training & right back to dedicated, healthy, meal prepping–you’ll be fine:-)

I love how eating healthy makes me FEEL: light on my feet, clean internally, more clarity & energy, etc., so I don’t cheat often 🙈 !  I just like a routine in all areas of life.  But I DO have them:-)  I think there’s nothing wrong with having things you enjoy every once in a while.

Just because you got into fitness, doesn’t mean you have to live in a box and forget things you once enjoyed.  However, you MUST have discipline.  And if you’re not there yet, to where a cheat meal, won’t turn into a cheat WEEK–then don’t plan for one, until you can successfully do this.

You know your weaknesses more than anyone else–so if you’re still struggling with healthy eating–don’t try for a cheat meal, until you can accomplish consistency with clean eating.  Plus, you’ll feel horrible and beat yourself up about it!  So, stay the course, until you have a good handle on your urges!

Ok guys, dassit!  I hope these tips helped you! If you enjoyed this post, share it on your socials!

Until next time, bye lovaas💋

*insert excuse here* "See, I need all this, it's not for me...it's for my muscles😐"
*insert excuse here*
“See, I need all this, it’s not for me…it’s for my muscles😐”



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